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Tucker Marcheso


An entrepreneur starting businesses on multiple continents and current Wealth Manager, Tucker has first hand experience with  the struggles in healthcare for both his clients and family. He specializes in helping the most vulnerable in our population, the elderly. Tuckers mission helps everyone's bottom line including providers and patients. 

Erik Fenenbock, MBA


With an MBA, Erik brings unique insight to the world of diagnostics. Seeing the shortcomings in day to day diagnostics as a Lab Technician, Erik looks to solve the most complex issues facing labs across the country. Erik brings a keen eye in identifying the most advanced testing methods of the future.

Jeremy Cline, PA-C


On the front line of healthcare, Jeremy juggles the care of his patients with the lack of tools available.The desire to really care for patients without being bogged down by process, drove Jeremy to help found XYGene. Jeremy looks to give providers like himself the tools they desperately need to keep doing what they love.

Patrick Geren


Patrick used his entrepreneur background to start a lab. Quickly he discovered the major pitfalls that labs and clinics face in providing timely and accurate results. This lead to working on solving overall industry problems from a technology standpoint.

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